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Just a short post to let everyone know that I am officially back! :)
Stay tuned for icons and a moodtheme. It would take me awhile to get back into making layouts, but I would definitely work on refreshing my memory!

Help Haiti

I am sure most of you know about the help_haiti community, they are raising money for crisis relief in Haiti.
I have decided to help out by offering a flexible squares layout or a moodtheme, the starting bid is $5.
Reply here if you'd like to bid on this. :)


Most are icons for Challenges and I dislike most of them. 7 icons here managed to place though.
You guys will be seeing a lot more icons from Skins in the future! I finished all 3 seasons last week in 3 days! :)
I really love the banners this time round, feel free to use them as headers if you wish to. You can request for text to be added. More instructions at the end of the post.
I have extended the request period till 13th September since only 1 person has requested. Remember you can request for a layout, icons or text for you banners!

1-4 | Lost
5-6 | Time Traveler's wife
7-10 | Skins
11-12 | Patrick Dempsey
13 | Twilight Cast
14 | One Tree Hill
15-18 | Hercules
19-24 | Various movie quotes
25-27 | Disney
28-30 | Johnny Depp
31-33 | More Disney
34 - 35 | Gossip Girl Cast

1-5 | Stock


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